Pressure Washing

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Pressure washing has become one of the most popular ways to clean different surfaces in domestic and commercial premises. From decks and driveways, to garages and the exterior of homes, pressure washing is a great way of restoring and maintaining the appearance of properties.

It can blast away mildew from the deck, motor oil stains from the driveway, and all kinds of dirt and salt deposits from concrete sidewalks. It’s a quick and effective way to get rid of build-up dirt, sediment and other types of debris. It takes considerably less time to exile the grime than using a bucket of water and brush.

Besides making your place look cleaner and more attractive, it will also increase its value. This can also reduce wear and tear by removing algae, mold, weeds, insects, chalk, etc. Such build-up can break down over time and damage wood surfaces and degrade paint.

It’s easy to get carried away and you might be inclined to power-wash everything, but that’s not really a good idea. The supercharged stream of water can cause damage to certain areas if not used properly.

When done incorrectly, it can destroy window screens, remove paint, blast away mortar on brick houses, damage siding, and get water into your walls and home. That’s why it’s recommended to do a little research before getting started.

Mastering a pressure washer can be tricky, so if you’ve never used it before, it’s best to look for “pressure washing near me” and leave the job to the professionals.

Is There a Difference Between Pressure Washing and Power Washing?

Even though these two terms are used interchangeably, there’s one small difference between them. Generally, a pressure washer uses cold water, whereas the water in a jet wash in a power washing machine is heated.

Should You Wear a Mask while Pressure Washing?

Water, grit, cement pieces, and paint chips can all shoot back at your face when using a pressure washer. So, you need to protect your eyes and face by wearing a full face mask or glasses/goggles, recommends WET.

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Should You Pressure Wash Your House?

Pressure washing a house is a good way to thoroughly clean the exterior of your house as long as you hire pressure washing services. In the right hands, this can be beneficial to your house for a number of reasons:

  • It’ll clean unsightly stains, bird droppings, and grime to improve curb appeal
  • It’ll keep your house in tip-top shape and increase its lifespan
  • It’ll get rid of mold and mildew which are bad for your health and your home
  • It’ll prepare your house for fresh paint
  • It’ll increase your home’s value

If you decide to pressure wash your house by yourself, make sure you know how to use a pressure washer correctly to avoid damaging your property.

What’s the Best Time of Year to Pressure Wash Your House?

The best time to pressure wash your house is when the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. People usually have their houses cleaned during fall and spring, but this is not a strict rule, says Homes. You should do it regularly to keep your house clean throughout the entire year.

How Often Should You Power Wash Your House?

This has to do with the type of climate in your area.

If you live in an area with harsh winters, it’s best to power wash your house twice a year, once before and once after the winter. That’s because winter brings snow, ice, and changing temperatures which can be hard on certain parts of your house.

So, cleaning your house in the spring and fall should refresh it after months of inclement weather and prepare it for the upcoming winter.

If you live in a warmer climate, you can power wash your house once a year.

What Should You Use to Pressure Wash Your House?

Pressure washing takes some skills, as spraying too aggressively can damage paint or siding. That’s why it’s important to adhere to the following guidelines if you decide to do it yourself:

  • Wear eye protection or a full face mask
  • Cover outdoor plug outlets
  • Do not use a ladder because it’s dangerous
  • Cover your lawn or garden with plastic sheeting or drop cloths
  • Use an appropriate detergent. Mix it with water as instructed and pour the solution in the garden sprayer.
  • Attach the garden hose to the hose mount and the hose faucet on the outside of the house
  • Spray with the pressure washer
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Hiring power washing services will ensure the job is done efficiently and safely, thus giving you peace of mind.

Can You Use Soap to Power Wash Your House?

You can’t use regular soaps such as dish or laundry cleaners as they aren’t produced to withstand the high pressure a pressure washer delivers.

However, you can use pressure washer soaps as long as you use a pressure washer whose manufacturer allows it. You don’t want to use it with collected rain water or other un-treated water as that’s hard water. This can create a calcium carbonate solid on the surface.

Best Pressure Washer Exterior House Cleaners

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Pressure washer detergent and soap is a great additive when trying to remove dirt, algae, and stains.

According to Cleanup Expert, some of the best pressure washer cleaners for the exterior of your house include Karcher Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate, Sun Joe House + Deck Wash, and Krud Kutter House & Siding Pressure Washer Concentrate.

Can You Use Bleach to Pressure Wash Your House?

Bleach can efficiently remove mold and mildew from your siding or walkway, but it’s corrosive so it can corrode your pressure washer pump seals and damage it permanently, says Popular Mechanics.

For that reason, it’s best to check the product manuals for specifications as some manufacturers don’t advise using bleach in their product.

If you use a bleach solution in your pressure washer, make sure you use it in a conscientious manner.

Can You Use Vinegar in a Pressure Washer?

Yes, you can. It’s best to use white vinegar to remove mildew, dirt, and other debris. However, make sure you dilute it with water. Mixing it with bleach and other chemicals can cause toxic chemical reactions, so be cautious.

Will Pressure Washing Remove Mold?

Yes, it will. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to get rid of mold, especially when combined with a quality cleaning product.

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Cleaning Siding

How Often Should You Power Wash Siding?

Besides the regularly scheduled power washing, twice a year, your siding may need to be immediately cleaned in the following situations:

  • When dirt build-up is visible
  • Before applying fresh paint
  • Before putting your house on the market
  • After a huge storm that splashes dirt on your house

Is Power Washing Bad for Siding?

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If not done correctly, exterior house cleaning using a pressure washer can do more harm than good. They can shoot water at pressures up to 3300 psi which can damage your walls, blast away mortar on brick siding, dig holes in a wooden surface, and remove paint.

To avoid damaging your siding, google “power washing companies near me” and pick an expert to do the job effectively and safely. 

How to Clean Your Siding?

Other than using a power washer, you can also clean the outside of your house with a garden hose, especially if it’s made out of delicate wood shingles, stucco, or brick, or if it’s not very dirty.

Whatever method you choose, it’s important to prepare the outside of your house before cleaning it by protecting the area on and around it.

Should You Power Wash Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is an exterior product, so it can accumulate grime, dirt, stains of pollen, insect and bird droppings, rust, spider web, and even mold and mildew. That’s why it requires regular cleaning and maintenance, and one of the best and easiest ways to do it is pressure washing.

However, some vinyl siding manufacturers advise a limited amount of pressure and others are completely against it. That’s because incorrect pressure washing can damage vinyl siding and windows, as well as remove paint.

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For that reason, look for “pressure washing companies near me” and consult them whether pressure washing is the right solution for your vinyl siding. Professionals are trained to use a pressure washer properly and safely.

Can Clorox Damage Vinyl Siding?

If properly diluted and well rinsed from the surface, Clorox bleach won’t damage vinyl siding. It’s considered to be more effective for cleaning stubborn baked-on stains, dirt, soot, mold and mildew than detergents.

However, you may want to check the pressure washer manual for specifications as some manufacturers don’t recommend using bleach solutions.

Can You Use Dawn to Clean Vinyl Siding?

Yes, you can use a general-purpose cleaner like Dawn Dish Soap and warm water to clean your vinyl siding.

What’s the Best Cleaner for Power Washing Vinyl Siding?

When looking for the best vinyl siding cleaner, make sure it’s labeled for use with pressure washers. Some of the best products on the market include Mold Armor, RMR-86, and Scotts’ Outdoor Cleaner.

Cleaning Concrete

What Should You Put on Concrete before Pressure Washing?

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To clean concrete stains, apply concrete detergent and let it sit for up to ten minutes before pressure washing. If any area dries out, reapply soapy water. After a while, the oils and dirt should loosen and you can start cleaning with the pressure washer in smooth, even motions.

Does Bleach Destroy Concrete?

No, bleach doesn’t destroy this sturdy material. In fact, it’s a great product to use to clean spots, moss and mildew from concrete, as well as disinfect the surface.

How Many PSI Do You Need to Clean Concrete?

To clean concrete with a driveway pressure washer, you need 3000 psi, according to OverStock.

Do You Need to Seal Your Concrete Driveway after Pressure Washing?

Sealing your concrete driveway after washing it will keep it looking good. You don’t have to do this after every pressure washing, but once in two or three years.

This will prevent water from creeping into the small pores that result in cracks and crumbling, as well as stains from remaining on the concrete.

Should You Power Wash Windows?

Pressure washing can make your windows sparkling, but it can also damage your windows easily if you don’t have the right knowledge and expertise, says Bunnings. So, it’s generally not recommended.

That’s why it’s best to look for a “power washing near me” to find a company that offers exterior cleaning services that include window cleaning with a pressure washer.

What’s the Best Way to Wash Outside Windows?

For many people, pressure washing is the best way to clean their windows from the outside. But, as we mentioned, this method can easily damage the windows if the pressure washer is not used correctly.

Bob Vila recommends another great way to clean your outside windows which includes rinsing them with a hose and going over them with a soft microfiber cloth using clean, cool water with a few drops of liquid dish soap.

Rinse again with the hose and spray with vinegar and water solution. Wipe with a clean, rubber-bladed squeegee and finally with a clean, dry towel or newspaper pages.

Power Washing a Deck – Is It Recommended?

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Power washing can make your deck look like new and it’s a more efficient deep-cleaning method than hand scrubbing. However, if a pressure washer is not used properly, it can damage your deck.

That’s why you should consider hiring pressure washing services to clean your deck efficiently and safely.

How Much Does It Cost to Power Wash a House?

According to HomeGuide, the average cost for power washing a house ranges between $173 and $358. The prices per hour are somewhere between $50 and $200, and the cost per square foot is between $0.35 to $0.77.

This means that for a 2,000 square feet house, you’ll pay from $700 to $1,540, and for a 1,500 square feet house the cost will range from $525 to $1,155. The total power washing cost will depend on the size of the job.

How Much Does It Cost to Pressure Wash a Driveway?

Pressure washing a driveway costs $108 to $262.

Does Pressure Washing Raise Water Bill?

Pressure washer runs on water, so it does increase your water consumption and your water bill. However, compared to a garden hose, it’s much more efficient and it can even lower water consumption by half.

If you have any questions about this article or power washing services, give us a call at 919-358-7426. We’d be happy to help you.

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